Ash Black Granite being loaded for dispatch. We at Shakun Marbles Private Ltd, Jaipur India are one of the most preferred suppliers for Ash Black Granite cutter size material. We regularly process this material and ensure for high gloss polish along

Fantasy Brown Marble block 268. Available with us at Shakun Marbles Private Limited, Jaipur Fantasy Brown Marble both in 2 cm and 3 cm thickness. Also available with us are Ash Black Granite, Black Markino Granite, Lotus Valley Granite, Tomato Red Gr

New Fantasy Brown Marble Thickness: 3 CmFinish: PolishSize: 125*74 inchesNo of Slabs: 25Available for sale post lockdown period. Do update for your requirements of Indian Granite's and Marble. We cater to Ash Black Cutter Size Granite, Fantasy

Fantasy Brown Marble Block: 318Thickness: 3 cmSize: 120*72 inchesNo of Slabs: 25We are manufacturers and suppliers of Indian Marble and Granite and especially deal in Fantasy Brown Marble, River Blue Marble, Blue Dunes Granite, Ash Black Granit

White has its own charm and when it is Marble it becomes more attractive. Yes we are talking about the Fantasy White Marble Slabs. Cut in 3 cm thickness and ready for dispatch to United States. The color has gained exceptional popularity in last 1-2

We at Shakun Marbles Private Limited are committed to the safety of our employees and countrymen. And have closed down our manufacturing operations during this severe Corona Outbreak. We urge you also to stop your movements, stay at home and promote

Superb Gift from Mother Nature. Introducing Fusion White Marble...Yet another excellent marble for the natural stone lovers across the world. Available for sale post lockdown period. You can send us the inquiries and would try to dispatch at the ear

Now with resumed operations post lockdown, we are again pacing up. And bringing to our clients across world the magic of Fantasy Brown Marble.New Block 315 cut in 3 Cm thickness.Size: 116*74 inchesNo of Slabs: 36Keeping in mind the safety of ou

Fantasy Brown Marble Block 19324Thickness: 3 cmFinish: Polish Marble SlabsSize: 120*74 inchesNo of Slabs: 33Very Beautiful and Great Wavy Pattern Fantasy Brown Marble Slabs available with us. Do update for any inquires. Also available are Toront

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