Blue Dunes Granite cutter size available with us.Thickness: 2 cm Length: 200 cm up and Height: 60 cm upAlso available are Alaska Gold Granite, Alaska White Granite, Azul Nuevo Granite in cutter size.In Gangsaw Size we have in stock both 2 cm as w

Blue Dunes Granite. Yet another granite from the house of Shakun Marbles Private Limited based out in Jaipur, India. Beautiful Granite available both on cutter size as well as gangsaw size. Thickness as desired i.e. 2 cm as well as 3 cm. This granite

Superb Gift from Mother Nature. Introducing Fusion White Marble...Yet another excellent marble for the natural stone lovers across the world. Available for sale post lockdown period. You can send us the inquiries and would try to dispatch at the ear

New Fantasy Brown Marble Thickness: 3 CmFinish: PolishSize: 125*74 inchesNo of Slabs: 25Available for sale post lockdown period. Do update for your requirements of Indian Granite's and Marble. We cater to Ash Black Cutter Size Granite, Fantasy

Ash Black Granite being loaded for dispatch. We at Shakun Marbles Private Ltd, Jaipur India are one of the most preferred suppliers for Ash Black Granite cutter size material. We regularly process this material and ensure for high gloss polish along

Fantasy Brown Marble Block 200106 ready in 3 Cm thickness.Size: 124*79 InchesNo of Slabs: 42Do update for your inquiries.Also available with us are 2 Cm thickness Fantasy Brown Marble, Toronto Brown Marble, Cutter Size Blue Dunes Granite, Alaska

Beautiful Fantasy Brown Marble Lot 241 available with us in 3 cm thickness. Lot size is 317*208 cm.And no of Slabs available are 17. Approx Weight of same would be 10 Tonnes.

New River Blue Marble Lot 259 ready to dispatch !!Thickness: 3 cmGross Size: 320*188 cmAvailable Slabs: 29 (From 19-47)Update for your interest !!

New Fantasy Brown Marble Lot 258 !!Thickness: 3 cmGross Size: 308*188 cmAvailable Slabs: 23 (From 01-23)Update for your interest !!Also available with us are River Blue Marble, Blue Dunes Granite, Azul Nuevo Granite, Blue Flower Granite. In Fant

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